Imagine Reading Tarot  with Confidence and Deep Understanding 


Welcome to a transformative journey through the cards, where ancient wisdom meets personal growth.

This comprehensive online tarot course is designed to guide beginners and enrich seasoned readers alike, unveiling the profound layers of symbolism and life lessons embedded in each card. With engaging, insightful lessons that delve into each card's symbolism and meaning, you’ll learn not only to interpret the tarot but also to apply its ancient wisdom to enhance your daily life.

Rediscover yourself and the magic you hold within. Because your journey through the tarot is more than learning—it’s a profound path to enlightenment!

Unlock the Mysteries of Tarot

Whether you’re looking to improve your self-awareness, make important life decisions, or simply explore a new hobby, this course is your gateway to a richer, more introspective life.





What sets the Tarot for Transformation Course apart from other courses is its unique focus on personal growth and self-care through the lens of tarot.

Unlike traditional courses that may concentrate purely on the mechanics of tarot reading, this course encourages you to explore deeper introspective questions and opportunities for personal development that the cards reveal.

Here's what makes this course different:

  1. Self-Care Through Tarot: Central to the course is the concept of using tarot as a tool for self-care. It encourages a reflective practice that not only teaches you about the cards but also about yourself, helping you to manage daily stresses and personal challenges more effectively.
  2. Interactive and Experiential Learning: The course is designed to be highly interactive, not just a series of lectures. You'll engage in practical exercises that reinforce learning and ensure you're not just passively absorbing information but actively applying it.
  3. Focus on Personal Insight: The emphasis of the course is on developing your own interpretations and connections to the cards, fostering a more intuitive and personalized tarot practice. This approach helps to make the meanings more relevant and profound in the context of your life.
  4. Community and Support: Enrollment in the course includes access to a community of fellow learners and enthusiasts, providing a space for discussion, exchange of ideas, and support as you journey through the world of tarot.


Explore the fundamental concepts of tarot, including its history, the structure of the deck, and tips on getting started, setting a solid foundation for beginners.


Delve into the 22 Major Arcana cards, each representing significant life lessons and karmic influences that guide your personal growth and spiritual journey.


Uncover the meanings behind the Minor Arcana cards, which highlight the day-to-day activities and decisions that shape our lives.


Learn to interpret the court cards, focusing on their representation of personalities and approaches to life that influence our interactions and relationships.


This is where the magic really happens! Engage with comprehensive workbooks filled with exercises and practical applications to deepen your understanding and enhance your intuitive readings.


Gain access to exclusive materials including cheat sheets, spreads, and expert tips to elevate your tarot reading skills beyond the basics.



I am Sheila Ellis, the proud Founder and CEO of Writual, a brand dedicated to enhancing the spiritual lives of all through tarot, astrology, and lunar living. My passion for spiritual exploration and my flair for design drive me to create products that not only inspire but also support daily spiritual practices.

My commitment to making spirituality accessible is evident in every aspect of my business, from beautifully crafted planners to the inclusive, supportive environment of the Writual Society. As a leader and an innovator, I continue to guide and inspire those seeking to deepen their spiritual connections and discover their own magic.

Join me on this transformative journey of  self-discovery as we unlock the magic of tarot together and explore the beautiful, intricate layers of this incredible tool.



You Are Worth the Journey

Whether you’re looking to improve your self-awareness, add meaningful insights when reading for others, or simply explore a new hobby, this course is your gateway to a richer, more introspective understanding of the tarot.

  • Detailed Breakdowns: Dive deep into the symbolism and meanings of all 78 cards, exploring themes of wisdom, challenge, transformation, and renewal and how they apply to you.
  • Real-Life Applications: Don't just learn the meanings—learn how to apply them to everyday life situations, enhancing your decision-making and personal development.
  • Community and Support: Join other students in our closed community. Share insights and experiences and support each other throughout this journey.
  • Rich Multimedia Content: Engage with a mix of video, audio, and written lessons as well as deep explorational exercises that make learning dynamic and retention easy.

"This tarot course has been a game-changer! As a beginner, I was looking for something that would clearly explain the basics while also diving into the deeper aspects of tarot, and this course delivered. The lessons are well-structured and engaging, making the learning process enlightening and enjoyable."

Dina P.

"I've taken a few tarot courses before, but none have compared to this one. The in-depth coverage of each card, along with the  exercises in the workbooks, have really deepened my understanding of tarot."

Petra S.



Are you curious about the mystical world of tarot? Have you tried reading books or taking other courses that only brush the surface, but just can't move past keywords?

Whether you're a beginner looking to start your journey or someone with some experience hoping to deepen your understanding, this course is tailored for you. Here, you'll go beyond the traditional meanings to discover how tarot can be a powerful tool for insight and personal growth.

If you're ready to truly learn tarot and explore how the cards can guide and enhance your path to self-discovery, this course is definitely right for you.

What is Included in This Course?

This course offers a robust foundation for your journey into the world of tarot.

Starting with the basics, you'll learn what tarot is and its fascinating history, understand the different elements that make up a tarot deck, and discover how to choose and care for the deck that resonates best with you. We also cover basic tarot techniques to get you started.

However, this course is much more than just lectures on keywords and stale explanations of the cards. The real magic unfolds as you engage in exercises designed to teach yourself, using the tarot as a tool for self-discovery and personal growth.

At Writual, we focus on tarot as a form of self-care, and through this course, we will explore the cards as mirrors to our subconscious, opening doors to deeper questions and new opportunities for personal transformation.

Major Arcana

  • The Journey of Personal Growth
  • All 22 Major Arcana Cards:
    • Image Symbolism
    • Keywords
    • Meanings
    • What Does it Mean to You?
    • Journaling Exercises
    • Vision Boarding
  • BONUS: Altar Suggestions
  • BONUS: Immersive Learning Exercises

Minor Arcana

  • Introduction to the Suits
  • All 40 Numbered Minor Arcana Cards
    • Numerological significance
    • Keywords
    • Meanings
    • What Does it Mean to You?
    • Journaling Exercises
    • Vision Boarding


Court Cards

  • All 16 Minor Arcana Court Cards
    • Role significance
    • Keywords
    • Meanings
    • Pop-Culture Examples
    • Journaling Exercises
    • BONUS: Real-Life Applications Exercises



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Enroll in our tarot course today and enjoy lifetime access to all materials, including future updates, ensuring you can continue to learn and grow at your own pace, whenever you need.